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Order for Takeout, Delivery or Curbside pickup with the MAAK, favorites saved, easy choice right?

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$5 OFF your First Order!

Here at MAAK we focus on bringing our fans the quality food they love at a price they can afford. What started out as our love for sushi has quickly grown into a fan base of people that can’t get enough of our fun, casual atmosphere and amazing adventures into Asian Fusion.


Launching on Ghostie®

We are joining the Ghostie BETA in Sulphur Springs! Ghostie is a whole new way to enjoy a wide variety of great food cooked to order! Ghostie is a culmination of local entrepreneurial kitchens wanting to serve amazing dishes to you without hassle, thats where Ghostie comes in. Giving kitchen space to those who are passionate about the culinary delicousness that you want to enjoy. So whether it is Pizza, Chicken Wings, Coffee, and of course, your all time favorite Sushi, order from Ghostie.

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Join the Team

Looking for a job in the best rated food service employer in our counties since our inception? Click to apply for valid open positions.


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  • Made to order

    We make our customers food to order, with excellent taste and quality to be enjoyed in the restaurant or at home!

  • Wide Variety

    From Sushi, to Burgers to Tacos and more! Amazing Asian Fusion and inspired cuisines from around the world. So whether you are in the mood for a burger or a sushi roll, you've come to the right place!


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We are super happy to talk to each interested lady or man and discuss relevant or off-topic stuff.